Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New Sets, Addicts and a Freebie!

Hi there clipart friends! 

I just listed some Bunny Spinners in my TpT store - and they are FREE for Clipart Addicts!

If you are not in the Facebook group, you will need to email me for them! They will be available for addicts until March 31st! 

These little Scrappy Chickies are FREE for everyone! Just click on the image to find them at TpT. They popped into my imagination today... I will leave it up to you to ascertain what sort of week I have had!

Also freshly listed, is this bumper set of Speech and Thought Bubbles! It is on sale for another day if you would like it. Thank you to the amazing Mrs Jump for suggesting this set!

I am happy to announce 2 clipart addict winners for March! Both Dee (a previous winner) and Bethany have been sent vouchers for $50 worth of clipart! Thank you to everyone that entered. The April give-away will be here before we know it!

If you love buying clipart and supporting teachers, please consider this bundle on TpT. It is PACKED with awesome sets and all proceeds go to support an amazing teacher and TpT author! 

Have a great day and thank you so much for stopping by!

- Mel x

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Updates, a Freebie and a Giveaway!

Hi friends! 

I have added new images to both the "100 Scrappy Kids" set and the "Scrappy March" set. If you have them, be sure to download them again. 

For today only, everyone can secure my latest set for FREE! Meet the 'Scrappy Spring Fairies"! They were so much fun to draw and I can't wait to see how you use them in your teaching documents. 

If you are a clipart addict - please enter the March Super Giveaway below!

Have a great day friends, and thanks so much for all your support. 

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

New Sets, Updates and a Clipart Addicts Freebie

Hi clipart friends!

The Scrappy February set is now complete! Thank you for all your kind words of support. I am really enjoying these growing sets and it is so nice to hear how useful they are to you. 

I just listed 'Scrappy March' and have a fun little super hero to kick off the new month! It is just $4 for a few days only. 


I  love making clipart that can bring your teaching ideas to life. This set of 'Shamrock Puzzles' can be used for so many learning activities. It includes image sot create 6 different puzzles connections. 

"St Patrick's Numbers' will also help you get into the mood for March!


More cuties have been added to the '100 Scrappy Kids' collection already. I have a feeling more will be added in a day or so also. If you have purchased this already, simply download the new addition by going to your 'My Purchases' tab in your TpT dashboard OR simply wait for the set to be complete and grab the whole lot at once!

If you are a Clipart Addict, please collect my "St Paddy Frogs" for FREE! If you are in the Facebook Group - they are already there and waiting for you. If not, simply email me, with a link to your blog and I will send them to you! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

- Mel x

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Scrappy Lovin' Alphabet

Hi clipart friends! 

I just listed a new set - Scrappy Lovin' Alphabet

It is on sale in my TpT store today! If you use the code 'Heroes' you can score an additional 10% discount from TpT. Too easy. 

And a little surprise for my Clipart Addicts - a couple of scrappy bunnies. These will be exclusive to Clipart Addicts! If you are not in the Facebook group, please email me for them. 

They are available until 3rd March 2015.

They are also in my "Clipart Addicts Bundle" on TpT. You can find that by clicking on the image below. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today - have a great day!

- Mel x

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Updates and Some New Sets!

Scrappy February has been updated for the week! A pirate, Easter egg, kangaroo, treasure chest, teddy bear and a flag are just some of the new additions! Find it on TpT HERE

I made some Rainbow Birds exclusively for my Clipart Addicts today! If you are in the Facebook group, you will find them in the files tab already. If you are not in the group, just email me for them. For more information on Clipart Addicts, check out this page HERE

It has also been added to the Clipart Addicts growing bundle

I have just listed '100 Scrappy Kids - The Second Set'. The first 100 was one of my most favourite sets to make, and I think this one will be even more enjoyable. 

I am sharing the scrappy-love with you today, marking the price down to just $8 for one day only. Find it on TpT HERE

Have a great day my friends, and thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Releases

Hi friends!

Just a short post today to show you two new sets. They have just been listed in my TpT store are on sale for today!

Some Crazy Kids!

And Scrappy Dividers. These dividers are just $1 for today only!

If you have a few spare minutes, please head over to my teaching blog to enter my monthly TpT gift voucher giveaway! You can enter each day, just by visiting my blog! 

Find the rafflecopter HERE

Have a great day friends, and thank you so much for stopping by!

- Mel x

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Super Giveaway, New Sets and Freebies!

Hi friends!

I have a few new sets and some Clipart Addicts updates for you today.

Just listed in my store today - Scrappy Bee Fun set and Scrappy Clover Friends. The clovers are free - so hop over to TpT to grab them!


I also stocked up the 'Scrappy February' set with some new goodies! If you have purchased this already, simply go to your 'My Purchases' tab and 're-download' to grab the new additions!

Scrappy Jungle Friends is FREE for Clipart Addicts! This is my second full-set freebie for February. 

I average at least 2 full sets a month as give-aways to bloggers in the 'addicts' group. If you are new to  my blog and want to find out more - hop over HERE


As companions to my 'All Kinds of Happy' set, I have made some 'crazy', 'mean' and 'sad' friends! 


And a new style of kids worked their way into my imagination after I worked all day at school on Thursday. I had a great day and was just 'feeling the love' for teaching I guess you could say. It was on my mind all day, how very fortunate we are as teachers to be able to meet so many darling little personalities and what a blessed position we are in to contribute to so many loves in a positive way. I could  not wait to get on the computer and make this 'Crazy Heart Kids' set as soon as I could. That has not happened to me for a while, so for me, this set is very special. 


I also made a set of froggies and spring flowers! What a week!


If you like the idea of receiving tons of fun freebie through the year, just like my blogging 'Clipart Addicts' friends, but you do not have a teacher blog - you may like to check out the growing bundle on TpT. 

This was requested of me last year, when I started the Clipart Addicts, and it is just a way for non-bloggers to get a little piece of the free-clipart-goodies action!

I just listed the new bundle for the next 12 months. It is 50% off for one day only. Find it HERE

If you are a Clipart Addict, please enter the February Super Draw! This month, I am giving away $50 worth of clipart from my TpT store! 

Thank you so much for stopping by dear friends, have a great day! 

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