Cover Pages with Digital Papers

Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Here is a little tutorial to help you use digital papers in PowerPoint to create an attractive cover for your next teaching PDF document
Before you begin, you need to make sure you have a 'digital paper' downloaded and unzipped. You can find digital papers at most online clipart/graphics stores. I will list a few good sources at the bottom of this post. Save them in a file on your computer to access easily. Perhaps in 'My Documents' create a folder called 'Digital Papers'.
1. Launch PowerPoint and start a new document. Delete the text boxes on the page that may come up as a default.
2. Now, you want to insert the digital paper as a background.
Go to design.
Click Background Styles (far right of screen)
Click Format Background
3. Options will pop up in a window, for the 'Fill' of your background
Click 'Picture or Texture Fill'
Click FILE
4. Navigate to the place on your computer where you have saved your digital papers. Select the paper you would like as a background. Click INSERT
5. Now its time for text. I want a rectangle in the middle of the page to put my text in. I go to the shape tools. Select the rectangle then just click on my page and drag a shape.
If I want grid lines to guide my placement, I can hit SHIFT F9 on my keyboard. These will not print out, they are just guides. You can see here the rectangle has defaulted to blue. I can easily change that.
6. Use the options under Drawing Tools to change the appearance of your rectangle. Change the FILL, OUTLINE, EFFECTS etc. Please note that you will have to click on your rectangle and make it active before these options will appear.
7. Now I have the rectangle, I want to add text. So I go to INSERT than TEXT BOX. Click to position and start typing. You can then select your text and edit it to change its appearance.
8. Go to HOME to choose your font and style options (colour, size etc). Make sure you have permission to use the font commercially if you intend to distribute your file (sharing or selling).
9. Use the FORMAT tool once again to play around with text effects. You will need to have the text selected to access these options (just click on your text box).
10. Here is my cover page ready. This is a very basic cover page, you can experiment with adding clipart, and more fancy frames using the same process. Just remember my favourite keyboard shortcut - CTR Z - it will undo the last step that you performed... so if you do something and you don't like it, just hit CTR Z and it will undo.
I have used a digital paper from our collection - Graphics From the Pond.
I have used 'Ray of Sunshine' font from Kimberly Geswein Fonts
Other great sources for fonts and digital papers include
TeacherspayTeachers (serach for 'digital paper')


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A Busy Few Days!

Monday, 5 November 2012

What better way to start the week, than with something free to inspire you!? I hope you can create something wonderful with this little doodle I made today.
Find them HERE

Have a great Monday!

Mel x

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