Monday, 25 November 2013

Super Giveaway Winner!

The Clipart Addict winner for November is Ana from Ingles 360! Congratulations Ana - I have emailed  you already!

Here are just a few of my favourite recent additions to my TpT store.

100 Scrappy Kids - a growing collection! If you are a Clipart Addict, be sure to grab new kids from the Facebook Group, from the day you join onwards. If you are not in the FB group yet, be sure to email me so I can get these to you. 

A new set of 'Edge It' borders - perfect for adding a teeny tiny 'something' to your worksheets, without being overly distracting!

And a little Christmas scrappiness... 

I am busy on another few projects, and just wish there were a few extra hours in each day to doodle!

Thanks for stopping by! 

- Mel x


  1. Love your borders. They're perfect when you just want to add a little "pop" without it taking up the entire page. Thank you!

  2. Lovely graphics, greeting from Belgium