Friday, 13 December 2013

Super Winner + Some New Sets + A Freebie

Jen from Jen's Kinder Kids is this month's Super Clipart Giveaway winner! How exciting!
Jen - I have emailed you!
Jens Kinder Kids
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I Love Clipart

Here are just a few of the things that have kept me busy this week:

"Fun Ornaments" - a request from one of my blogging besties - Brooke from Teachable Moments She is so patient - I think she asked for these a month ago, and they are finally ready!

Winter Stick Kids! A little basic set, that will give you some stick kid cuties, digi papers and coordinating frames. 

And, I have been adding Scrappy Kids to the '100' set! I have another stack to add tonight, so stay tuned! 

I made this "Scrappy Gift Colouring Page" for you and your sweeties. You can download for FREE right here from Google Drive

Thanks for stopping by friends! 


  1. Thanks for the gift sheet!! Can't wait to open the zip to see your new kids! :)
    The Apple Basket Teacher
    Congratulations lucky! :)