Day 10 - Ten Happy Days

Friday, 24 April 2015

It is Day 10 of my 10,000 follower celebration. It has been loads of fun, but unfortunately the end did not pan out as I expected. I had hoped to present Day 10 to you 4 days ago. A rather angry cyclonic storm got in between me and the computer and I am now into my fifth day of no electricity. 

Thankfully my husband's workplace had power and internet restored yesterday and I was able to get here to post this for you. I have to say, I could get VERY used to working in a lovely quiet office rather than the kitchen bench at home! It is so different to be working in a quiet uninterrupted workspace. 

These Scrappy Teddies were in fact ready for you four days ago, and in my store, but you may not have noticed as I did not get a chance to put my post up before the power went out.

I have updated this set as part of my celebration and the set now includes lots of colourful teddies as well as the original brown ones. 

I have also made a new set of  Scrappy Stars. This is a versatile set that will help brighten your classroom and resources. 

Find both sets in my TpT store, by clicking on the image thumbnails. 

Thank you so much - from the very bottom of my heart - for helping me to celebrate 10,000 followers. I don't know where to begin in explaining how much this online teacher-blogosphere has meant to me over the last few years. Teaching can be, in some ways, a very lonely job and often we are in a position to be criticised from many directions. 

I have found the online community to be a warm, friendly and uplifting community. It has been a joy to have a place that has balanced out my other experiences. Quite a few years ago, a colleague said to me 'you may need to look further than your own school' - how true those words were. 

I am thankful for every challenge I have faced - each of them helped bring me here - to finding my place. 

Thank you for being a part of my place here and letting me be a part of yours. 

- Mel x
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