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Saturday, 19 September 2015
Hi friends! 

Thanks so much for stopping  by today. I am so excited to show you my 5th 'Teacher Maker' bundle! This one is called 'More Brights' and includes 10 sets to help make your covers and resources pop!

Even more exciting is the news that this set is FREE to clipart addicts

Yes, FREE!

If you are an addict, and in the Facebook group, you may have downloaded it already. If you are an addict, but not in the Facebook group, send me an email and I will forward them on to you!

Here is what is included in a little more detail.

1. Big Dot Papers - you may have a set like this from my store already. Same fun pattern, fresh new colours! 

2. Bright Bumpy Frames - something fun to give your page some bounce. It include filled and unfilled varieties. 

3. Bright Center Frames - perfect for the middle of your page!

4. Bright Chevron Papers - you may have a similar set from my store - same bold design, fresh new colours!

5. Doodle Frames - to give your resources a little bit of detail!

6. Double Scribble Papers - when you love scribble, it is twice as much fun to see double!

7. Bright Fun Frames - when you need to simplify things with a bold solid statement

8. Scribble Circle Frames - to make things interesting!

9. Bright Splash Labels - when an ordinary label will just not do, add a splash of colour!

10. Bright Stripey Papers - to combine a love for stripes and scribbles, these add a boost of colour, but cut down on ink!

All these sets coordinate in colour, and will look fabulous teamed up together or combined with clipart from sets in my store. 

In other news, I have been busy revising all the images in my Stick Kids Mega Pack 2. It is almost complete, and hopefully in a day or two I can tell you it has been finalised. 

By request, I have also made a set of ten and twenty frame apples to help bring your mathematics resources to life! Find them on sale today in my store. 

If you are a clipart addict, please enter the September super giveaway below! I would love you to have the chance to win a $50 open order from my store. 

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