Little Curl Borders and Heart Ten Frames

Monday, 4 January 2016
I have two new surprise growing clipart sets in my store to kick off 2016! I received a strange email yesterday enquiring as to why I would 'start a club thing, that someone else already does' so I thought I had better take a moment to explain how they came about rather than just assume people know. 

Why would I do a surprise clipart club? Because they are so much fun! 

Back on the 30th June 2012 I sent out my first batch of 'surprise' clipart to people that had joined my Premium Graphics Club

It was a year of learning, fun and lots of surprise clipart as I emailed out new graphics each day to club members. I had emailed the founder of TpT shortly before I started the club and had explained my unique idea for something that had not been tried on TpT before. Unfortunately at the time, I had to take my "club" out of my store, because it was not inline with the product criteria of TpT. 

Things changed and clubs became acceptable. 

In 2013 I tried a monthly 'fun' clipart club and 
over 2014-2015 I have had  monthly 'scrappy' sets that build daily surprises into a clipart bundle!

For 2016 I am having 'Clipart Addicts' growing surprise sets. 

I was in love with surprising my followers and customers with new clipart right back when I started my first club, and I still love it today!

Each set will go for a month, and I am adding daily doodles through the week. Each set will be a little bit of a hodgepodge mix of what I am inspired to draw (I love getting new ideas, so always feel free to send them through). 

There is a "Clipart Addicts" set for people who like my 'clean and crisp' clipart. I draw these digitally on my computer. 

And a 'Scrappy Addicts' set, identical to the month clubs I ran last year, and filled with my digitally enhanced hand sketched doodles. 

The 'Clipart Addicts' group that I have been running will still exist this year, but with some changes. I am returning to the classroom in a full time capacity this year and have had to streamline a few of my commitments. 

 It will change names to "I Love Clipart" and thereby avoid confusion with my monthly surprise clubs. 

It will continue it its current form until February 2016. If you have been a clipart addict through 2015  (I Love Clipart button on your blog sidebar) - please email me for these 

Heart Ten and Twenty Frames!  If you are in the Facebook group, you will find them in the files tab. 

I will post again very soon about the other changes to the Clipart Addicts group!

Thank you so much for all your support with all the fun clipart ventures I have tried - all of it has been to nurture my love of drawing, creating, networking and supporting other teachers.  I adore seeing all the wonderful things that you design and how you use my images to complement your work and your own style. Thank you so much for giving me all that joy!

On an additional note, if you have the Little Curl Borders set, please head over to TpT and grab the newly revised files!

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by!

- Mel x

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