Saturday, 8 September 2012

Free Doodle Frames from the iPAD!

Today was supposed to be computer free for me... I didn't get too far into the day though... around 7.30 am I found a scanning app on my ipad.
Wow! I didn't look too much into it, so perhaps there are some others, but the first one I found was called Genius Scan, and it essentially turns your ipad into a scanner.
Look out! This is perfect for me, as a busy mum, with my main computer and scanner far away from the hub of my family home, this will be wonderful. I drew this border in my sketchbook and scanned it with my ipad all from the kitchen table.

The app then lets you email your scan as a .jpeg or pdf.

I chose .jpeg and then digitally coloured them and converted them to .png files on my laptop as I wanted them 300dpi. Because they are hand-drawn, they do have a 'scrappy' or 'doodle' like quality.

And here they are... FREE for you at TeacherspayTeachers ready to use in your next teaching files. Let me know how you think they turned out.

And to think I was originally looking for the scanning app so I could conveniently scan my tax receipts this year...

Isn't technology just so wonderfully exciting.. goodness knows what my daughter will be doing in 25 years time..

Have a great day! Mel x

PS. If you are one of my Premium Graphics Club members, Fridays graphics are on the way... as you can see, I got side tracked, which is not unusual for me at all!


  1. What art program do you use after you scan in your pictures?

  2. Hi Tami
    I use the Adobe Creative Suite :)

  3. i love these : thank you very much for sharing ! i shared the link here :